Air inlet speed control system of vacuum furnace

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Air inlet speed control system of vacuum furnace

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Air inlet speed control system of vacuum furnace

In view of the problems existing in the control of the air inlet speed of the vacuum furnace in the production process of some special metal powders, the automatic transformation of the control system of the air inlet speed of the vacuum furnace is carried out by using the programmable logic controller LOGO! And the intelligent regulator up550. The method of controlling the pressure difference between the two ends of the manual fine-tuning valve is adopted to keep the inlet flow basically stable; the method of deviation control is adopted to make the pressure in the vacuum furnace rise at a constant speed within a certain deviation range according to the given slope, so as to realize the automatic control of the inlet speed of the vacuum furnace and achieve good results.

Due to the sensitivity of some special metal powders to air, they can not be directly exposed to the air when they are discharged from the furnace after vacuum high temperature treatment. Otherwise, the material will be oxygenated, and the fire will be ignited. Therefore, by controlling the air inlet speed of the vacuum furnace, the pressure in the furnace will rise steadily from 100Pa to 105Pa, which will take about 8-24h depending on the product. The traditional method is to use the manual gap type or flow meter filling method, which has poor process reproducibility. The filling process is discontinuous jump type, so it is inevitable for the material to increase oxygen, and both of them must be manually adjusted. Due to the complicated process and long time, the operator is required to have enough energy and patience; at the same time, due to the uneven air intake rate, the product quality is affected.

Therefore, it is required to design the automatic control system of the vacuum furnace inlet speed to realize the automatic control of the inlet speed and eliminate the influence of the uncertainty of the inlet speed on the product quality. The main problem of air intake system design is how to solve the problem of uniform and slow air intake for vacuum furnace. The intake air flow rate should not be too large, otherwise the metal powder may spontaneously ignite; and it should not be too small, otherwise the intake time is too long, which will affect the production process. How to ensure the air flow into the vacuum furnace is stable and uniform on the premise of meeting the production process requirements is the purpose of this design. How to make the flow stable under the condition of a certain valve opening is the primary problem to be solved by the air intake control mode.

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