Take To The Heavens With Ain at Elsword

Take To The Heavens With Ain at Elsword

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KOG Games today announced the launch of Elsword's newest character, Ain. For the very first time in KOG history, a character is being launched within a week of his launch on the house host in Korea. Fundamentally, Ain is utterly unknown and he's shaking things up around the world!

Ain is an unorthodox caster class. Once in-game, it is apparent that he practices magical on a different level that Elsword ED players have ever experienced before.

Instead, Ain retains his opponents right where he wants them, and that is where he determines they will need to be.

Ain has an all new, special system which permits him to alter his attack method using two entirely different modes:Cycle Mode enables Ain to get to his own skills faster by lowering the cooldown and MP cost of his skills. Furthermore, in addition, it endows Ain having the ability to dash through the atmosphere, at lightning speed, and break out of enemy combos in half the cost. Creation Mode enhances all of Ain's combos and controls. This gives him the ability to deal immense damage by infusing his strikes with celestial firepower.

To outline, Cycle Mode is all about utility while Creation Mode is all about dishing out damage.As well, Ain will be receiving his first Job Line; a first for an Elsword personality launching. Players will not only be able to enjoy a brand new character, they have to fully experience and play through one of 3 paths into Ain's game.

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