Graphite electric heating element of vacuum heat treatment f

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Graphite electric heating element of vacuum heat treatment f

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Graphite electric heating element of vacuum heat treatment furnace

With the improvement of the manufacturing level of vacuum heat treatment furnace, vacuum heat treatment gradually shows incomparable advantages. Vacuum heat treatment with its own degassing, degreasing, no oxidation and automation has been favored by people. However, there are still many problems in the electric heating elements of the vacuum heat treatment furnace, such as high temperature deformation, fracture, volatilization and so on. In order to solve these problems, graphite stands out with its unique advantages. At present, the electric heating elements made of graphite are used in almost all types of vacuum heat treatment furnace.

In this paper, theoretical analysis and simulation analysis are combined to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of graphite as an electric heating element, which provides a basis for the design of vacuum electric heating element. Analysis of the performance factors of electric heating elements vacuum heat treatment is different from ordinary electric heating treatment. It transfers heat through radiation. The phenomenon of electric heating elements in vacuum environment is different from ordinary electric heating furnace, which puts forward higher requirements for vacuum electric heating elements. The performance requirements of vacuum electric heating element materials can be summarized as follows: (1) high resistivity, once the vacuum heat treatment furnace is installed, the terminal voltage of electric heating element is generally unchanged, and high resistivity can obtain stable power and heating rate; (2) low resistance temperature coefficient, vacuum heat treatment furnace is an automatic controllable equipment, and low resistance temperature coefficient can reduce design difficulty and save cost; (3) In order to prolong the service life of the electric heating element, reduce the times of maintenance and replacement, and reduce the cost, the electric heating element is required to have a smaller coefficient of thermal expansion; (4) better machining performance and high-temperature mechanical strength; (5) ensure that the electric heating element does not react with the protective atmosphere, lining and supporting parts in the furnace at high temperature.

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